about us

Governmental agencies, hospitals, institutional funds, property management companies and construction companies use the seven decades plus of materials sourcing and development experience that CV Fisher provides. We help drive growth and achieve results through our effective leadership methodologies, practices, and experience.
CV Fisher’s principals manage sourcing from the client’s vantage point. We put our years of experience and knowledge to work, sourcing the right products for the job, delivering quality materials, exceptionally priced—backed by personal customer support.
Drawing on long-term relationships, with an emphasis on international/foreign markets, CV Fisher sources quality materials directly from the manufacturers. By eliminating mid-level dealers and brokers and taking advantage of volume purchasing rates, CV Fisher helps our customers value-engineer projects by substantially reducing materials costs.
CV Fisher principals also bring a diversified background in a number of different industries including institutional real estate and finance. We have a long history managing all phases of the business life cycle. We have a unique understanding of our clients’ needs built on over 70 years of combined executive management hands on experience. With customers from a broad spectrum of business from food to razors, from PPE to building materials we are your trusted source.