CV Fisher is proud to offer “Appliance Concierge” service both to individuals and our corporate clients. Whether you want a new appliance for yourself or you need hundreds of appliances delivered all over the country, we are here for you. Property managers, construction companies, community and economic developers along with individuals sprucing up their homes for resale have found the CV Fisher Appliance Concierge to be the perfect solution to a seamless kitchen refresh. Traditionally, concierge service is used to indicate personal VIP or customized services provided by a business or a professional.
Our “Appliance Concierge” describes special, personal, and attentive service at exce Because we understand the requirements of the construction and property management industries, we have developed special relationships with manufactures who align themselves with budget conscious customers. If you want top of the line appliances, we have them. If the budget is your primary concern, we have pricing for that as well. We can also provide OEM manufacturing capability if you wanted to create your own brand or want to have options on non-name brand products.

We are here to:

          1) Ensure excellent customer experience to both business and individual clients.
         2) Keep our clients up to date on pricing and special offers.
         3) Assist with ordering and delivery scheduling.
         4) Utilize our streamlined delivery and install process to create the most efficient process available to the market.
         5) Allow our B2B clients to utilize our systems to enhance profitability.
         6) Bring back the human touch to business.
         7) Provide unparalleled service and pricing.

To help us with giving you the best possible service, we ask for the following information.